Tuesday Aug 16th, 2016


We are Bonnie and Paul Jones and we are full-time realtors with Sutton Group Heritage Realty. Did you know that an investment property can be a wonderful way to supplement your income.  Perhaps you know someone that may be looking at retirement in 10 maybe 5 years.  An investment property can supplement their retirement income or they can sell the investment property, after retirement, and use the profit from the sale to supplement their income.   If an investor has... [read more]

First time buyers need the experience of seasoned Sales Representatives

Tuesday Dec 20th, 2016


We are Bonnie and Paul Jones and we are Full-Time Realtors with Sutton Group Heritage Realty. First time home Buyers are going to be hard pressed to get into home ownership, given the recently changed lending criteria? Who do you know that will be trying to Buy their first home in 2017? They would be a great referral for us.  We love working with first time home Buyers. With competing offers, lending restrictions and low inventory first time home Buyers have a very small window... [read more]

Tough Mortgage

Wednesday Feb 08th, 2017


Over the last few years, more purchase offers have fallen apart due to financing than in the past couple of decades combined. Financing has become that challenging, and few people realize it until they actually write an offer and make the application. When it comes to mortgage financing, while money may never have been cheaper… it’s also never been harder to get. Get preapproved!!! [read more]

Housing Bubble in the GTA?

Wednesday Mar 22nd, 2017


Toronto's soaring home prices are in line with the reality of other world cities such as New York, Hong Kong and London, says Mark Renzoni, president of global commercial real estate giant CBRE. "The market is fairly balanced. It's not being driven by foreign capital. It's being driven by Canadians, moving up, buying for the first time," he told the Star, following a speech at CBRE's annual market forecast event. [read more]