Want a Custom Loft style home for under $500,00

Sunday Sep 30th, 2018


Follow the new trend in Real estate, buy your loft style home outside the city...Skip the high prices, high crime and high density neighbourhoods...more and more Melinials are moving out of the city to acheive a safe place to raise their new families. Check out such an example at bonnieandpaul.com   Oh yea, theres no Condo fee!! [read more]

For Sale by Owner

Friday Oct 14th, 2016


Did you know that there are Buyers out there in the Real Estate market today, who think that if they buy a house from a “for sale by owner” that they will save money. Most “For Sale By Owners”, decide on the value of their home by figuring out what they “need” to get out of it.   As we all know the value of a house is not based on what the Seller “needs” to get out of it, but rather by what other, similar houses in the area have... [read more]

Tax on your Principal Residence?

Friday Mar 31st, 2017


Principal Residence Exemption For the 70% of Canadians who own a home, it is a place to live, raise a family, and connects them to their community. Due to Canada’s tax system’s Principal Residence Exemption, when we sell our homes, any increased value or “capital gains” are not taxed. This tax break matters to Canadian homeowners. Collectively, we have about $3 trillion in home equity and our homes are often our largest financial asset. However, starting... [read more]

Questions about Open Houses

Monday Mar 5th, 2018


Open House Questions Some Buyers Forget to Ask at an Open House. it’s not unusual to forget to ask important questions about the property. Here are some of the most common: • How old is the roof? • How old is the furnace, air conditioner and other HVAC equipment? • How does the price compare to similar properties in the neighbourhood? (You don’t want to make an offer that’s too high.) • What are the characteristics of the neighbourhood?... [read more]

New building height limits set for some Pickering areas

Friday Mar 9th, 2018


PICKERING — Pickering is working on ways to protect the city's established neighbourhoods, and is starting with an immediate restriction on the height of houses being built in the Rosebank, West Shore and Bay Ridges neighbourhoods. Pickering’s planning and development committee implemented a nine-metre height restriction for homes going up in these neighbourhoods. The bylaw amendment was passed at the March 5 committee meeting, and will come to council on March 12. Click... [read more]