Real Estate in the COVID 19 era.

Thursday Aug 27th, 2020


In May, we launched our Monthly Pulse Check on Consumer Attitudes to give you access to the latest data on consumer trends in real estate during the COVID-19 pandemic. Since then, our research has found that: Over 6 in 10 Ontarians who are actively in the real estate market say buying a home today is a very good or good investment (July research) More than 7 in 10 renters and homeowners say it would be important/somewhat important to use a REALTOR® to help purchase a home that... [read more]

Hot Real Estate Market in Durham Region

Tuesday Mar 27th, 2018


Why is the Real estate market in Durham Region outpreforming Toronto this year? Simply put, homes in Pickering, Ajax, Whitby & Oshawa give you more bang for your buck. Homes in Durham are more afordable. So why spend more money in Toronto? Contact us and we will be happy to show you what you can get for your money here. [read more]

Housing Bubble in the GTA?

Wednesday Mar 22nd, 2017


Toronto's soaring home prices are in line with the reality of other world cities such as New York, Hong Kong and London, says Mark Renzoni, president of global commercial real estate giant CBRE. "The market is fairly balanced. It's not being driven by foreign capital. It's being driven by Canadians, moving up, buying for the first time," he told the Star, following a speech at CBRE's annual market forecast event. [read more]