Bungalows in Great Demand

Monday Apr 29th, 2019


Bungalows are in great demand as the population gets older. One of the best areas to buy a bungalow is in Durham. With a close proximity to Toronto, lower purchase prices, reasonable commute times and municipal governments that are looking to the future with many new jobs and infrastructure. Check out life in the subburbs!! We will be happy to help you make the move. [read more]

Win your next deal!!

Wednesday Jul 13th, 2016


We are Bonnie and Paul Jones full-time realtors with Sutton Group Heritage Realty. The real estate market today is being driven by the number of buyers out numbering the number of homes available, making this a sellers market?  Who do you know that has had a number of offers submitted, just to lose each time in a multiple offer scenario.  In the past realtors would bring in an offer, negotiate with the seller for a day maybe two days, then ultimately a fair deal was struck... [read more]

Cost to buy

Monday Aug 8th, 2016


Did you know that the purchase price of your new home is only one of the costs you will encounter when buying that home? Other costs you may have to budget for are; Mortgage insurance        Appraisal fees Land survey cost      House insurance Title insurance      Mortgage Application fee Mortgage brokers fee     Home inspection fee  Legal... [read more]

Dream Homes

Monday Sep 26th, 2016


Did you know that many Buyers romanticize about owning a Century home, a home that is older than 100 years old. Who do you know that has ever thought or romanticized about living in a beautiful, quaint, 100+ year old house, perhaps with a maid’s quarters, a butler’s pantry or even a dumb waiter?  Maybe it’s located on a nice country property, with a white picket fence, perennial gardens, a pond. Owning a Century home can be fantastic, but only if you go into the... [read more]


Friday Nov 4th, 2016


Did you know that when you are ready to purchase a property you will hear the word insurance, over and over again.  Mortgage Insurance, Life Insurance, House Insurance Who do you know that has no idea why they have to pay for mortgage insurance, when they’re buying a property with less than a 20% down payment. The reason buyers pay mortgage insurance is to protect the lenders money.  Yes that’s right, buyers pay to insure the lenders money.  If the Buyer,... [read more]