Bidding wars

Saturday Oct 08th, 2016


Who do you know that might want to purchase a home, but is reluctant to get into a multiple offer situation, commonly known as, the dreaded, “bidding war”.

Did you know that we often represent a Seller client that wants to sell their home but not quite yet.  However, they instruct us, that if we happen to hear of someone that may be interested in their house and they are willing to pay a fair price, they would sell now, without going on MLS.

The bonus to the Buyer, they will not be competing!

The house we are referring to is an older, brick house in Central Oshawa. The house has had many improvements. The private drive, the large, fenced yard and the attic space, which could be a loft living space, are fantastic bonus’s with this property.

A first time Buyer would be ideal for this property. They could take possession right away, but the seller would rent back from them for 6 months. 

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