First time buyers need the experience of seasoned Sales Representatives

Tuesday Dec 20th, 2016


We are Bonnie and Paul Jones and we are Full-Time Realtors with Sutton Group Heritage Realty.

First time home Buyers are going to be hard pressed to get into home ownership, given the recently changed lending criteria?

Who do you know that will be trying to Buy their first home in 2017?

They would be a great referral for us.  We love working with first time home Buyers.

With competing offers, lending restrictions and low inventory first time home Buyers have a very small window of opportunity.  They need Realtors that know how to negotiate on their behalf.

We actually sat in front of Sellers for many years, to negotiate offers.  We learned lessons on the skills of negotiating from veteran Realtors.  Those days are gone.

Today, most offers are submitted via email.  New Realtors have not had the experiance of negotiating.   They submit an offer and hope for the best. 

With the odds of winning, when competing against other offers, first time Buyers shouldn’t leave it to chance.  They need the help of experienced realtors.

We are Bonnie and Paul Jones and we have 26 years of negotiating experiance!!

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