For Sale by Owner

Friday Oct 14th, 2016


Did you know that there are Buyers out there in the Real Estate market today, who think that if they buy a house from a “for sale by owner” that they will save money.

Most “For Sale By Owners”, decide on the value of their home by figuring out what they “need” to get out of it.  

As we all know the value of a house is not based on what the Seller “needs” to get out of it, but rather by what other, similar houses in the area have recently sold for.

Even if a Seller is asking exactly what his neighbour’s house sold for, and it was exactly like their house, the Buyer is still being taken advantage of.   This is because historically, commissions have been built into the sale price.  So not only is the Seller trying to save the commission, by not paying Realtors, they are also trying to keep the commission that normally would be paid.  This is unfair.    

Who do you know that might be thinking they will get a “deal” if they buy from a “for sale by owner”?  A great referral for us would be a naïve buyer, a buyer that will appreciate the knowledge that we have to share.

We are Bonnie and Paul Jones and “we are always there to ….Lend a Hand” 

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