Invest in Real Estate, to retire better & sooner

Friday Nov 18th, 2016


Did you know that owning a second property and renting it out can be a great way to supplement your retirement income or a great way to pay off the mortgage quicker on your principal resident.

We have been landlords for over 10 years now.  I admit, some tenants have been challenging. When considering becoming a Landlord, know that there will be challenges, but if you go about it with a plan, the pros out way the cons.

When we began investigating what it would take, to purchase a few properties, we learned that there are a few hoops to jump through with lenders and insurers.  We learned that finding tenants is easy, finding good tenants is a lengthy process.

We currently have two investment properties on the market, one in Whitby and one in Pickering. 

Who do you know that might be thinking of ways that they can improve upon their future retirement?  They would be a great referral for us!

We can explain to them how we have successfully created a solid retirement income plan, and they can too.

We are Bonnie and Paul Jones and “we are always there to lend a hand.”

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