Setting a realistic price is very important!

Wednesday May 10th, 2017


Deciding what price tag to put on your home is never easy.  Price is often the determining factor for potential buyers. Location, layout and amenities are important but in the end most of us have to look at the bottom line.  Many sellers like to think they can start with the price they originally paid, add a healthy mark-up and wait for the offers to roll in. A lot of those sellers will have to adjust their price once their home is on the market.

Try to put aside your subjectivity

The cherished memories you may hold of your home are basically unimportant to buyers. Usually they're more interested in creating their own memories.  An unsentimental look at the market value of your home can save time and disappointment. We can assist you with setting a realistic price.  The market is changing, you need a Realtor with over 26 years of proffessional experiance. Call us.

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