Win your next deal!!

Wednesday Jul 13th, 2016


We are Bonnie and Paul Jones full-time realtors with Sutton Group Heritage Realty. The real estate market today is being driven by the number of buyers out numbering the number of homes available, making this a sellers market?  Who do you know that has had a number of offers submitted, just to lose each time in a multiple offer scenario.  In the past realtors would bring in an offer, negotiate with the seller for a day maybe two days, then ultimately a fair deal was struck... [read more]

Dream Homes

Monday Sep 26th, 2016


Did you know that many Buyers romanticize about owning a Century home, a home that is older than 100 years old. Who do you know that has ever thought or romanticized about living in a beautiful, quaint, 100+ year old house, perhaps with a maid’s quarters, a butler’s pantry or even a dumb waiter?  Maybe it’s located on a nice country property, with a white picket fence, perennial gardens, a pond. Owning a Century home can be fantastic, but only if you go into the... [read more]

First time buyers need the experience of seasoned Sales Representatives

Tuesday Dec 20th, 2016


We are Bonnie and Paul Jones and we are Full-Time Realtors with Sutton Group Heritage Realty. First time home Buyers are going to be hard pressed to get into home ownership, given the recently changed lending criteria? Who do you know that will be trying to Buy their first home in 2017? They would be a great referral for us.  We love working with first time home Buyers. With competing offers, lending restrictions and low inventory first time home Buyers have a very small window... [read more]

Increase to CMHC Fees

Wednesday Feb 22nd, 2017


CMHC Fees are set to increase on March 17th. A typical 5 year, 5% down mortgage will see insurance fees jump from 3.6% to 4%. But if you buy a house before March 17th, you will get the lower rate. Contact us for more info... [read more]