Full disclosure in bidding wars?

Saturday Feb 2nd, 2019


Ontario is considering allowing realtors to tell prospective home buyers the prices of other offers in bidding wars. The government launched a consultation Thursday looking at the Real Estate and Business Brokers Act, and that’s one rule they’re looking at changing. Currently, if there are multiple bids on a home, the seller’s broker can only disclose the number of competing offers, but not the details of... [read more]

Want a Custom Loft style home for under $500,00

Sunday Sep 30th, 2018


Follow the new trend in Real estate, buy your loft style home outside the city...Skip the high prices, high crime and high density neighbourhoods...more and more Melinials are moving out of the city to acheive a safe place to raise their new families. Check out such an example at bonnieandpaul.com   Oh yea, theres no Condo fee!! [read more]


Tuesday Aug 16th, 2016


We are Bonnie and Paul Jones and we are full-time realtors with Sutton Group Heritage Realty. Did you know that an investment property can be a wonderful way to supplement your income.  Perhaps you know someone that may be looking at retirement in 10 maybe 5 years.  An investment property can supplement their retirement income or they can sell the investment property, after retirement, and use the profit from the sale to supplement their income.   If an investor has... [read more]


Friday Nov 4th, 2016


Did you know that when you are ready to purchase a property you will hear the word insurance, over and over again.  Mortgage Insurance, Life Insurance, House Insurance Who do you know that has no idea why they have to pay for mortgage insurance, when they’re buying a property with less than a 20% down payment. The reason buyers pay mortgage insurance is to protect the lenders money.  Yes that’s right, buyers pay to insure the lenders money.  If the Buyer,... [read more]

First time buyers need the experience of seasoned Sales Representatives

Tuesday Dec 20th, 2016


We are Bonnie and Paul Jones and we are Full-Time Realtors with Sutton Group Heritage Realty. First time home Buyers are going to be hard pressed to get into home ownership, given the recently changed lending criteria? Who do you know that will be trying to Buy their first home in 2017? They would be a great referral for us.  We love working with first time home Buyers. With competing offers, lending restrictions and low inventory first time home Buyers have a very small window... [read more]